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News:  New students transfer to Rock Creek High School

Rock Creek 2020-2021 school year has been challenging, but for new students Zachary Dye and Brynne Kvasnica it is a new experience for them altogether.

 Zachary Dye is currently a 10th grader at Rock Creek High School, but originally comes from Dodge City. Dye previously went to school at the Kansas School for the Deaf, a smaller size school with fewer people attending.

Some of the noticeable differences that Dye points out are that the Kansas School for the Deaf has a swimming pool and dorms; “So you could live there during the week and then just go home on the weekends,” Dye said. Although Rock Creek has more classes to attend.

A similarity that Dye found between Rock Creek and his previous school is the food quality. Dye’s favorite school lunch is hamburgers.

Although Dye finds himself now spending the school year at Rock Creek, Dye’s favorite season is summer, “summers are awesome because it’s hot . . . and there’s no school,” Dye said.

Another new student to Rock Creek is Brynne Kvasnica. Kvasnica is a 9th grader and from Manhattan Kansas. Kvasnica describes her previous school as “it was a private school and so it’s really small and so this ones a lot bigger,” Kvasnica said.

No matter what school Kvasnica attends, her favorite school lunch is pizza. Just like her fellow new classmate Dye, Kvasnica prefers summer, “ . . . because I like hot weather,” Kvasnica said.

Even though summer seems to already be on the mind of several students, Dye and Kvanica find things to appreciate at Rock Creek High School this year.

Article by Elle Hauke and Camilla Ruhnke, Intro to Journalism Students

Photo by Camilla Ruhnke, Into to Journalism Student

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