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Feature: Junior High Students participate in new spelling bee

Every year, more than 11 million students participate in their school’s spelling bee. On Dec. 18th, 2019, several seventh and eighth grade students from Rock Creek Junior High School participated in the school’s annual spelling bee.

The ten participating students included eighth graders Haylee Lindsay, Catherine Greenwood, Trevor Christenson, Ella Rose, and Taylor Glenn, as well as seventh graders Lilia Meinhardt, Lauren Wichman, Edee Galle, Tristan Scott, and Colten Klecan.

“The top ten spellers, five from each grade, were invited to compete.” seventh grade ELA teacher Melissa DeWitt said. “Round one was a written spelling test which took place in the ELA classrooms prior to Dec. 18.”

Many students participated, but each student had a different reason for competing in the spelling bee.

“I did it last year, and had fun…” said seventh grader Edee Galle. “So I decided why not try it again.”

Lindsay, Meinhart, and Wichman battled for spots on the podium and took the competition to a whole new level.

“Haylee Lindsay won in round three on the word culminate.” DeWitt said. “The battle for second place was between seventh graders Lauren Wichman and Lillian Meinhart taking 13 rounds to complete. In the end, seventh grader Lilia Meinhardt, took second place with the words ‘masquerade and millionaire.”

On Saturday, Jan. 25, the Pottawattamie County spelling bee was held at Saint Mary’s Highschool.

“Haylee and Lilia were invited to represent Rock Creek at the Pottawattamie county spelling bee.” DeWitt said. “Lilia took second overall at the County spelling bee.”

Former Junior High spelling bee champion, freshman Corbin Montenegro, has found several benefits in participating in the spelling bee, and hopes that others can do the same.

“It kind of provided a friendly sense of competition, like with the people competing in it,” says Montenegro. “Also it gives you a chance to get better at knowing words, like you learn words that you didn’t even know existed.”

Article by Kya Klingenberg and Brynn McFall, Staff Memebrs

Photo by Kya Klingenberg

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