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News: Future is looking bright for the new Rock Creek Middle School

An ongoing project at Rock Creek has been the construction of the new middle school and gym. Recently, advanced journalism students, Taylor Lembright and Emily Ritchey got to put on their hard hats and safety glasses to tour the new building and check out the many new facilities being added to Rock Creek. Rock Creek superintendent, Kevin Logan, and McCownGordon Construction superintendent, JP. The architecture throughout the building follows an industrial theme. One of the first additions is the new parking lot. There will be over 100 new parking stalls added as well as a new location for the busses to unload. Beyond the unloading zone will be a new entrance right by the senior locker area,

 “At the senior hallway, highschool will go right and middle school will turn left” Kevin Logan said.

The main attraction of the new building extension is the gym. Four new entrances will be added to the gym that will act as gates for games and events. Another new feature in the gym will be the bleachers. The home seating will have bleachers from wall to wall that are split into five sections. The three middle sections will have backrests built into the seating.

The locker rooms will be located on the other end of the gym across from the bleachers. The new locker rooms will act as a tornado shelter for the entire Rock Creek campus.

“The walls were built and cast in Kansas City… they are set up to [handle around] 220 mile per hour winds.” said Kevin Logan.

There will be a new kitchen to prepare all of the food, however, all of the food will continue to be served in the current kitchen and cafeteria.

There will be sets of stairs integrated throughout the building along with an elevator.The fifth and sixth grade classes will be located upstairs to the right. The fifth and sixth grade classes will still be combined like they currently are at St. George and Westmoreland Elementary. On the right side of the stairs is the library. The library will have a big bay window overlooking the school interior.

The construction is estimated to be finished on May 27, 2020. The future of Rock Creek is sure to be bright with all of the exciting changes happening.

Article by Emily Ritchey

Photo by Taylor Lembright

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