Features Newspaper — 11 December 2019
Features: Students visit the Museum of Good Vibes

There are not a lot of cool experiences around our local communities, however a new one just popped up in Manhattan, Kansas. Journalism staff members Brecken Padget and Faith Bruckerhoff got the opportunity to experience the wonders of the Museum of Good Vibes.  The Museum of Good Vibes is a vibrant pop-up museum that is nationwide. The Museum is a pop up event that aims to “inspire creativity and spread good vibes beyond the walls of [the] exhibits” in our opinion, the museum did just that and more. They take regular buildings and turn them into colorful atmospheres full of great photo-ops. Visitors can take pictures while swinging from the ceiling, playing in a ball pit, throwing confetti around, in rooms full of mirrors and so much more. The options are limitless with only one rule: no bad vibes.

Admission is $16 for adults, $10 for ages 4-10, and children 3 and under are free. The small admission fee was very reasonable for the great experience. The museum Bruckerhoff attended was in Kansas City. This particular exhibit included a colorful staircase that led to a rainbow striped wall, which was a great photo opportunity. The rainbow room is adjacent to a room painted baby blue with cotton clouds hanging from the ceiling at various heights. After the cloud room I found myself sliding down a slide into a room with tinsel on the walls creating different patterns. It looked like a movie scene! The following room had disco balls and long, silver tinsel all around the room, I felt like I stepped right into an elaborate party in the 1920’s. The rooms to follow included walls covered with different colored roses and a hot pink room filled with confetti. I also got to experience a room of mirrors lined by LED lights. Back on the first floor the last two exhibits included a ball pit and a room with mini golf, a teeter totter, and basketball. The small admissions fee was well worth the unique and wonderful experience.

Today’s world seems to be so focused around the negativity. It is a great idea to have a place to escape that is centered around having fun and letting loose with your friends and family. Personally we know that in the stress of school, extracurriculars and ever changing social status, it’s healthy to have a fun night out that’s only purpose was to be bubbly and lighthearted. All while making great memories, and taking great pictures, with the people we love. It was truly an amazing experience to be able to let go of our worries and have a great night. We think it is such an important thing in this world for people to have a place to go in order to forget their daily anxieties and escape to a new world.

The experience was amazing, and we would highly recommend going. It’s worth the drive and the money. So, grab your friends and family, go get some amazing Instagram pictures, have a great experience, and enjoy a night of good vibes.

Article by In Depth Issues Editor, Brecken Padget and Staff  Member, Faith Ringering

Photo by Yearbook Copy Editor, Kaiton Padget

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