Newspaper Opinions — 25 November 2019
Opinions: The Saloon Coffee Shop Review

On Nov 8, Ashlyn Holmes and Brynn McFall went to try the newly opened bistro, The Saloon, to see what food and drink items were now available in Westmoreland, KS.

At The Saloon, which is located at 310 Main St, Westmoreland KS, they have everything from hot drinks to baked goods. Including cappuccinos, soft drinks, cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream. And with a good price to top it all off, you’ll find yourself wanting to come back for more.

Inside of The Saloon it was welcoming and homey. The Saloon reminded Ashlyn and Brynn of an older coffee shop that has been serving happy customers for years. Not only was the building itself welcoming, but the employees as well.

Brynn tried a white chocolate cappuccino. This drink was a little too bitter and it was difficult to taste the white chocolate. However, she did like that it was warm but not too hot and it was served fairly quickly after she ordered it. Along with the white chocolate cappuccino, she also ordered a double chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was tasty and soft, but it was a little cold since it wasn’t super fresh. She would rate the white chocolate cappuccino as a five out of ten and the double chocolate chip cookie as a nine out of ten.

Ashlyn tried a caramel cappuccino. She didn’t like this drink very much because she prefers iced drinks over hot drinks. Although it was a hot drink, she enjoyed being able to taste the caramel in it. The coffee part of it was a little bit bitter, however. She would rate the caramel cappuccino a four out of ten.

Overall, Bynn and Ashlyn would rate The Saloon 3 out of 5 stars, due to the bitterness of the coffee.

Article by Ashlyn Holmes & Brynn McFall

Photo by Brynn McFall

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