Features Newspaper — 25 November 2019
Features: Transfer students come to Rock Creek

Each year, there are many new students who transfer to Rock Creek High School. While we

all have similarities that we can share, we all come from different backgrounds. These

backgrounds help us develop views of our experiences we can relate to. Two new students

have joined the Rock Creek family this year, bringing with them their own interests and ordeals.

Yanci Spiller is a freshman, this is his first year at Rock Creek from Eisenhower Middle


“My first impression of the students and teachers was that they were really nice and

welcoming,” Spiller said.

Spiller is currently participating in FBLA, he played football, is playing basketball, and is

planning to do track and field. He was debating between going to Rock Creek and Junction City

for his freshman year.

“My dads a coach here, so I chose Rock Creek so that I could be with my dad and there were

better opportunities for football,” Spiller said.

Spillers favorite thing about Rock Creek is the students and the friends he has here. Before

the year started, he was a little nervous to meet everyone and wasn’t sure if making friends

would be a challenge.

He says that he gets about the same amount of homework at both schools, and the classes

at Rock Creek are about as hard as the ones at EMS, but for Spiller, adjusting was the most


“The hardest part was probably the transition and friends I guess, cause I’m like leaving

everyone,” Spiller stated.

Spiller says leaving his friends was tough but he still makes time to see them outside of

school. Overall, Spiller describes Rock Creek as “pretty chill.”

Yanci is one of the few new students at Rock Creek this year. Maggie Hays, a junior, is new

to Rock Creek this year as well.

Maggie is coming from Ellsworth Jr/Sr High School.

“The school I previously went to before Rock Creek, was Ellsworth Jr/Sr High School,” Hays


Maggie only had one choice to transfer to because of her family.

“Rock Creek was my only option to transfer to because my cousins go here,” Maggie states.

Maggie does not partake in any extracurricular activities. While she doesn’t have a favorite

class at Rock Creek, in her opinion, it depends on if the teacher is favorable or not.

“I don’t really have a favorite class just because they’re all ok, it just depends on the teacher,

because there are some teachers that I like, and others that I don’t like,” Hays said.

Like this year, Maggie will be attending Rock Creek next year as well.

“My favorite thing about Rock Creek is probably the block schedule because we only have

four classes each day,” Hays said.

Maggie had some nerves about making the move here from Ellsworth.

“I was a little bit nervous transferring here from my old school, because I didn’t know if Rock

Creek was going to be a bigger school and I knew almost everyone at my old school and almost

no one here,” Maggie said.

Article by Kaleska Fox & Leigh Adams

Photo by Ethan Karnes

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