Features Newspaper — 15 November 2019
Features: Junior expresses her love of water though water sports

When thinking of typical student-athletes, some activities that may come to mind are football, basketball, or softball. However, junior Brynn Welfringer is not a typical student-athlete. Instead of cleats and batting gloves, Brynn dons skis and a life jacket.

Welfringer started water skiing after one day at the lake with her uncle, who was an alternate for the World Championships.

“…Ever since I was little I would just ski on two skis, and one day we were at the lake and he was like, ‘You should try tricking,’ or something simple in water skiing,” Welfringer said.

Ever since, Welfringer has been practicing out of Tuttle Creek Lake in Manhattan, along with a lake in Wichita.

“It’s like, one of the best ski lakes in the world, and a lot of people don’t know about it,” Welfringer said.

She competes in three different events: slalom, trick, and jump. Welfringer says out of all three, her favorite event is jump. In jump, you ski off of a large ramp and fly as far as you can.

“It’s so scary, but it gives me a lot of adrenaline. So I think it’s really fun,” Welfringer said.

With more than one event to compete in, it can be a challenge to master all three.

“You have to make time to get better and improve your score on all three events at the same time,” Welfringer said.

Junior Danae Adams, a close friend of Welfringer, really admires her for doing something new and different.

“I think it’s super awesome. She’s doing something that’s not really popular around here, and she’s really good at it,” Adams said.

As for her future in skiing, Welfringer has a definite plan.

“We love water skiing so much,” said Welfringer, “The age groups keep going and going… you can keep skiing forever and there are families that have been doing it for years.”

Article by Allison Moser

Photo courtesy of Emily Welfringer

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