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News:  Junior participates in state honor band

As the trumpet player stands up for his solo, it is silent, and he begins playing, then the room fills with musical instruments. The sounds are so soothing that you could fall asleep, with the light beat of the drum, the quivering of the flute and the triumph of the trumpet.

​Junior Kyle Grimes auditioned for state band on Jan. 5 and will be going on Feb. 23 to play along with students from throughout Kansas. For his audition, Grimes was given a prepared excerpt, a cormatic where one plays half notes going up and down a musical scale, going from his lowest to highest note, and a sight reading, which he said was the toughest for him.

“The piece I played was called ‘Concert A-Tude,’ and it was just an audition piece,” Grimes said. “I get concert pieces from the special director that is going to be at state. They picked out their own pieces that they want to hear at KMEA concert.”

Sophomore Keith Hancock and other band students had auditioned, but did not make it to state. Hancock auditioned for state so that he could be involved in an exceptional group of band students.

“I practiced my piece more than anything else, and I was kind of nervous walking into the try-out room,” Hancock said, “I do not know why I was so nervous, and that is what I think cost me for not getting into the district band.”

Band teacher Elizabeth Janssen has been teaching for three years at Rock Creek and was really excited when Grimes made it to state. In the Rock Creek band, they play grade three music, which is music that is for people who have some experience, while at state, they play grade five music for really experienced players, which makes it hard for someone to make it to state band.

“Three out of the five pieces of music are written by the director, which gives them insight because the composer of the music is there, and they will be able to play the song the way he wants it,” Janssen said.

Article and photo by Hayden Thomason, Staff Member

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