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Opinions:  Staff member confused by girls’ behaviors

Girls are confusing.

To start with, girls talk trash on each other, then act like best friends later. Girls confuse me, and they should quit saying rude things about each other. For instance, I have multiple friends who are girls who have said rude things about multiple people who are their “friends,” then go right back to being really nice to them. The other part that confuses me is, whenever a girl finds out another girl is saying rude things behind her back, she still acts nice, but secretly says bad things about the other girl. Guys just tend to tell a person if they have a problem, and it is usually resolved, or they just ignore each other.

Also, girls act fake to be liked by more people or a certain group, but they do not like the person or group members, and it confuses me. Why do they even want to be around that person or group if they do not like them? Guys tend to ignore people they do not like. Guys are more direct while girls tend to be more indirect.

In conclusion, girls are confusing. The way girls say rude thing behind each other’s back and the act like best friends confuses me.

Article by Nathan King, Staff Member

Photo by Jessica Augustine, Adviser



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