Opinions Reviews — 27 November 2018
Opinions:  New movie, Instant Family, provides lessons on real-life situations

Family, according to www.vocabulary.com, is a “primary social group; consisting parents and children.” You might define a family as a genetically related relationship, but for Pete and Ellie in the movie Instant Family, a family is a bond that can never be broken. Pete and Ellie’s definition of family is how everyone should view a family.

In the movie, Pete and Ellie, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, are a married couple who decide they want to adopt children through the foster system. Adoption is one of the best ways to give children some new hope and a fresh start to their lives. My opinion on adoption comes from the idea that I want to adopt when I am older. I feel that I could give a child a better life, filled with love and affection, than one alone and isolated.

After going to a foster fair, Pete and Ellie meet a 15-year-old girl named Lizzie, portrayed by Isabela Moner. Adopting teens is the most difficult course of adoption. “Many teens in the foster care system have had numerous disruptions and rejections in their lives. They may make it very challenging to support them while they test the waters of your commitment to them,” adoptive parent Tracy Duncan said on www.fosteringperspectives.org. After going on a missions trip to Memphis, Tenn., I have been able to have a first-hand experience with this. The kids I worked with came from homes where their parents sold and took drugs. At times, they were caught in drug busts, and some had even been shot. This is what some of the foster kids experience, leaving them with doubt filling their lives.

In the movie, after deciding to foster Lizzie, Pete and Ellie found out that they would have to foster her two younger siblings as well. Keeping siblings together, throughout the foster and adoption process,helps them feel secure and more comfortable at their new home. I enjoyed how they made an emphasis on this at the beginning of the movie. The effect it makes on the children can be a positive one.

Instant Family was a fun-loving, heart-throbbing story. It shows the difficult truth of what foster kids go through as children, and the effect it can have on them as an adult. The movie is definitely a must-see for anyone who enjoys a comedy, or a movie that has real-life situations.

Article by Josie McFall, Staff Member

Photo by Jessica Augustine, Adviser


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