Opinions Reviews — 27 November 2018
Opinions:  New album by LANY provides nine popular, meaningful tracks

Isolating yourself from the world or eating ice cream for hours might be just a few things to help a heartbreak. For Paul Klein, however, writing a nine-track album, is the perfect remedy for a broken heart.

Starting in January and releasing the album on Oct. 5, Les Priest, Jake Goss, and Klein, otherwise known as LANY, composed and recorded “Malibu Nights,” inspired by the 30-year-old Klein’s recent breakup.

Songs in the album, such as “Valentine’s Day” and “Run,” have such raw beats, that they could never be released as singles and be competitive against other genres in this day and age. However, songs like these are the glue that holds the album together and keeps the mellow theme alive.

The break-up, pity-party vibe is actually expressed on a very deep, meaningful level. The direct and expressive lyrics are very relatable among teenagers and young adults. The realistic outtake on young break-ups and the real world has the millennial audience turning heads.

Receiving a whopping 6,789,064 views on YouTube, “Thru These Tears” is LANY’s number one hit song overall. On Spotify alone, “Thru These Tears” has 54,905,591 listens as of Nov. 19. Also, on this album, the song “Malibu Nights” is ranked number one on Spotify for their group, but has fewer listens that “Thru These Tears.”

Overall, this unique album is a listen that is worthwhile and very reasonably priced if you are looking to buy it. If you ever find yourself searching for fresh music with a one-of-a-kind rhythm, keep in mind LANY’s nine-track album, “Malibu Nights.”

Article by Grace Fike, Staff Member

Photo by Jessica Augustine, Adviser

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