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Opinions:  High school building should be updated as new construction occurs

At first, students seemed to think it was a great idea to add an expansion to the school, but then some students realized that the renovation did not include the high school end.

In November 2017, a bond election was held to build a new addition to Rock Creek, which was later approved by the Board of Education. The expansion would add fifth and sixth graders to the school, which would make the junior high into a middle school. Even though the middle school seemed like an excellent idea since St. George Elementary School is overcrowded, the high school end of Rock Creek still need some modifications as well.

The junior high students had the chance to try out chairs, desks and more that will be added to the middle school section of the school. Having new things can make children more comfortable when moving schools. “high-quality classroom environments ‘help children feel safe, secure, and valued. As a result, self-esteem increases,’” said Dr. Sheryl Reinisch, the Dean of the College of Education at Concordia University-Portland, ‘and students motivated to engage in the learning process.’” But, what about high school students?

In the high school area, there are lockers that are not even used by students, so why not get rid of them and make more space? In the high school section, the boy’s bathroom contains the following: broken hinges on the stall doors, little division in between the urinals, scribbled writings on the walls, completely different sinks, awkwardly placed mirrors and no space at all.

Another change that could happen in the high school section is the library size. The library has a small selection of books that has a small selection of choices. The St. George Elementary School has a bigger library than Rock Creek. This shows why the library should expand its selection of books, so that students have a wider variety. Along with changes such as expanding the selection to the library and adding more shelves for books, the high school needs some updating in the gym locker rooms.

The locker rooms in the gym are trashed and are in need of updates. The freshmen boys locker room has lockers that are bashed in, jammed up and too small, so that people can not fit their valuables. While the upperclassmen have remodeled lockers, the girls locker room has not even been updated. The high school girls locker room has odd paintings on the wall and “decorative” specks of paint that not many high school girls like. The lockers are also old, they are jammed and the shower room has rust on the shower heads. The locker rooms in the gym are in need of major updates.

To continue, the high school hallway was supposed to have carpet replaced, but it never has been completed. Everyone can tell what is old and what is new just by the atmosphere of the two hallways of the high school. The cleaner hallway of the high school section has new carpet, lighting and design. However, the older area has the following: terrible carpet, broken tiles, old lockers and odd designs. The original lockers and the wall designs are not school colors, which is quite strange for a school to have.

The high school section of Rock Creek should have been thought about, along with the expansion of the school. This is a major key, because those middle school students are going to go from a new, high-quality middle school, to the older, lower-quality high school that is not as nice as the middle school that they left.

If the high school section were to be updated, then high school students in Rock Creek would have a better time in their last few years in school before they have to move onto college. Having a renovated high school section would show more school spirit, as well, because having a different color other than the school colors does not set the tone to give students. So, by replacing most lockers to make more space, updating the bathrooms and locker rooms and updating the old hallway of the high school, it will help high school students, too.

Article by Hayden Thomason, Staff Member

Photo by Jessica Augustine, Adviser



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