Opinions Reviews — 29 March 2018
Opinions: New ice cream, smoothie businesses offer excellent cold treats

On March 15, I took a trip to Manhattan for some cold refreshments from some new businesses. I first went to Pandora Rolled Ice Cream in Aggieville, then I went to Smoothie King on the west side of Manhattan.

At Pandora Rolled Ice Cream, which is located at 1125 Laramie St. in Manhattan, there were many different combinations and flavors to choose from. I could choose an order off their menu, or I could create my own order. I decided to create my own with the help of the creation guide, picking a base (sweet cream), an add-in (brownie), three toppings (wafer roll, Kit Kat and Oreo) and a sauce (whipped cream). It looked amazing and tasted delicious, but I could not finish the whole bowl because it was so filling.

The employees were very nice and helpful, and they worked fairly quickly. Since the employees have to use a liquid base of the ice cream you want, before freezing and rolling it, I was standing there for a few minutes, but it was all worth it. I thought that the price was reasonable for the amount of time the employees put into the order and how much ice cream you receive. One bowl costs $5.69, and that includes if you create your own or choose off of their menu. The serving size is more than enough, so you could even share. It was very delicious, and I absolutely recommend Pandora Rolled Ice Cream.

After I was finished with my ice cream, I went to Smoothie King on the west side of Manhattan at 1228 Westloop Plaza. As soon as I walked inside, I was greeted by all of the employees. They were all very helpful and friendly when it came to me choosing a smoothie. Since Smoothie King has so many options, such as slim blends, wellness blends, vegan smoothies, new smoothies and kids’ cups, it was hard to decide.

After looking at the menu for what seemed like a long time, the employees helped me decide by narrowing down my options based on my favorite fruits. I chose my smoothie and ordered a 20-ounce Strawberry Extreme, which at $5.29, I thought was a good price. As soon as I put my change away, my smoothie was ready, and I was out the door. The smoothie that I ordered was the best smoothie I had ever tasted.

The service that I received at both locations was really great and fairly quick, and I completely recommend trying both new places. I give both locations four out of five stars, and I would go back anytime. If you have not tried Pandora Rolled Ice Cream or Smoothie King, then you should immediately.

Article and photo by staff member Katelynn Sherwood


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