Features — 29 March 2018
Features: New sophomore transfers from Missouri high school

Rock Creek High School recently had a new sophomore named Sabrina Ruston transfer to their school from El Dorado Springs, Mo., right before Spring Break. Ruston moved here because of her step-father’s job, which moves from place to place and requires traveling.

Although she is not yet involved in any extracurricular activities yet at Rock Creek, Ruston was involved in basketball and softball at her old school and plays basketball in her free time. She plans on playing basketball next season, but not participating in softball because of an injury to her knee.

“My favorite part about Rock Creek is it is very easy to find your way around the school,” Ruston said.

Since arriving at Rock Creek, Ruston has made a few new friends, including sophomore Tabi Vetter, who transferred to Rock Creek her eighth grade year.

“The biggest challenge of moving to Rock Creek is just meeting everyone and adjusting to the schedule,” Vetter said. “At my old school, they did not have a block schedule, so I had seven classes in a day instead of just four.”

Ruston’s old school differed from Rock Creek because they were also not on a block schedule, and their school contained many more students than Rock Creek does.

English teacher Shana Schmidt said, “I have talked to some of my students about making new students feel welcome because we do see students that transfer here that are sitting in the lunch room by themselves or walking the halls by themselves. So, I usually try to pair up that new student with a student that I know is kind and compassionate and will help them around the school and introduce them to people. It would be nice if we had some sort of welcoming wagon for students, and maybe when they come to us in the office or something, we could pair them with a particular student to be their guide for at least the first week of school.”

Article and photo by staff member Josie Frederiksen


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