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Opinions:  Students suggest ideas for Spring Break adventures

Spring Break is fast approaching, with it beginning on March 16. Spring Break is the last big break of the school year before summer, and because many of the students want to make the most of it, their families choose to vacation.

I was curious where students would be vacationing for Spring Break, so I surveyed around 65 students. I found that, while some would be traveling out of state, most would be staying home during break.

There are many activities that students can do if they stay home for Spring Break. With Kansas City just two hours away and various activities to do there, students can participate in a miniature road trip. Kansas City offers a variety of museums, restaurants and shopping to choose from. Another possibility if one does not want to travel to Kansas City is the Konza Prairie, which is a trail that is free and is not to far from the district. It has varying lengths and natural beauty, which makes it something that can be enjoyable for anyone. People can also go to the lake and fish, rent kayaks or even just sit and enjoy the warmer weather. Finally, even closer to home, bonfires are another activity students can do; the warmer weather and the fire lighting up the night can be an enjoyable experience for everyone there. Staying at home and relaxing is another advantage kids can take with the longer break. Unwinding from the stress of school and all the responsibilities that come with it can be a major relief for kids.

Another part of my survey was seeing where students would like to vacation if they could go anywhere. I gave them 10 of the most popular Spring Break sites to choose from. The top three spots that students selected were the Bahamas, Colorado and Florida. All of these locations offer different activities and attractions. Florida came in third because of its warm climate, beaches and beautiful water, making it a nice beach escape vacation. Colorado came in second, with it offering many experiences for visitors to partake in. People can hike the trails, ski and snowboard the snow-packed mountains or just explore the beautiful landscape. The Bahamas won the survey. The warm weather and nice sandy beaches can be a good escape from the cold winters we experience in Kansas. The Bahamas are made up of more than 700 islands with many resorts and activities to choose from.

Whether students stay at home or travel for Spring Break, there are options for everyone to make the best of it.

Article and photo by staff member Skyler Forge

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