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Opinions:  ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ offers intriguing mystery

Murder on the Orient Express is an awesome movie that would keep all watchers on the edge of their seat wondering who caused the Murder of Ratchett the Gangster. My opinion of the movie is that it was very interesting and always left me thinking about who could have him murdered. I wish I had brought a notepad into the theater so I could take notes and link clues together.

In the movie, after solving the first case, Hercule Poirot was called into London to work on a very important investigation. To get to London he must take a train, the Orient Express. Hercule gets on the train because he runs into an old friend that owns a train and is the conductor. He invites Hercule on to the train because he needs to get to London as fast as he can. Once on the train, he meets 11 new people who are going to live with him for the next three days. On the train, Hercule also meets Ratchett, a gangster who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. After the first night in the train, Ratchett is murdered by a unknown culprit, and it is up to Hercule to find out the truth.

The first clue for the murder comes from one of the passengers, saying that they think someone was snooping around in her cabin. After that, it goes from clue to clue until Hercule finds out that some of the people on the train are not who they say they are and how they are all keeping secrets from him. Now the end of the movie is one of the best twists I have never seen coming. Everything gets put together, and viewers understand everyone’s backstories in the murder.

I was very interested in how Hercule Poirot, the world’s best detective, solved all of his cases. At the start of the movie, Hercule solved the cases and how he noticed all of the little clues at the crime scene. He notices clues like the scratch on the wall or the limp in one of the three suspects. He is truly the best detective in the world if he can notice all of the small clues about a person and a crime scene.

The only problem with the movie was that it took awhile to get on the train, the Orient Express, the main location of the movie. It is even in the title of the movie, but it still took nearly 15 minutes to get onto the train. The beginning was really cool with Hercule solving a theft. I wish the movie showed more of Hercules solving case. Other than the start of the movie taking awhile to get started up, it was an amazing movie.

In my opinion, I loved the movie. It kept me in suspense the whole time, and it was a good adaptation of the book. I suggest getting it when it comes out and having a party with friends, so they can find out who the murderer was. Just take many notes!

Article by staff member Ethan Karnes

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