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News:  Educators from Brazil visit Rock Creek in February

Rock Creek recently had 28 Brazilian visitors pay a visit to our school on Feb. 1.

The visitors did their studies and travels through the international program at Kansas State University. They arrived early in the morning and stayed at the school until about 12:15 p.m. While they were at the school, they stopped at multiple classrooms and talked to staff members about many of the differences in the education systems. The visitors also toured three other schools in the Manhattan area.

Having the visitors here not only affected the students, but it also affected the staff.

“We are very lucky to have the resources we have,” principal Eric Koppes said. “They were enamored with the quality of our resources and our technology that is all over the building. Even the building itself, the quality of the building and the classrooms and the way they are set up. They didn’t seem to be as set on the material things that we have. We have so many things that are really nice, and they just don’t have those things.”

One of the rooms they stopped by was that of English teacher Shana Schmidt. They came in during her advisor class, while students were catching up on homework and projects. This opened many students’ eyes in helping them learn about other cultures.

“I think it is really positive for not just myself, but for other teachers, to kind of learn what other schools in other countries are doing, but I think it’s really important for the students as well to realize that there is more going on outside of Rock Creek and beyond these walls,” Schmidt said. “There are other cultures and other experiences that we can all learn from.”

Many of the visitors will try to take what they learned in America and try to apply it to the education systems in Brazil.

The head of the international program at Kansas State University, Mary Pyle, said, “Many teachers will try some of the things they learned in their program with their students in Brazil. When they return to their Brazilian school, they might arrange desks differently, might try some new teaching tools or might talk to an administrator about something they saw that was different than it is in their school.”

Rock Creek can welcome future visitors into the school by getting them more involved and by preparing different activities with them to not only help the visitors learn more, but to also learn more about different cultures around the world.

Article by staff member Josie Frederiksen

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