Features — 31 January 2018
Features:  Fashion trends change as new year begins

As we welcome the new year with fresh faces and new starts, it is time we welcome new trends and styles as well.

It was a year of change for many in 2017. Fashion and clothing industries faced an array of new and unexpected trends that gained popularity. These varied anywhere from the reappearance of ‘80s clothing articles, such as ‘mom jeans’ or ‘boyfriend jeans,’ which offered a more relaxed fit, to T-shirts portraying activism slogans.

Sophomore Taylor Lembright said, “One of my favorite trends of 2017 was probably boyfriend jeans, because I liked the style, rather than just plain skinny jeans.’

Some of the most popular locations for clothing brands in the past year have been American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, H&M and Adidas. Adidas in particular has gained attention recently. The brand’s recent popularity has posed a potential threat to the Nike brand, which has always been a top-selling industry. Urban Outfitters is known to have a record for keeping up with the latest trends. It is a popular location especially for teens and millennials. However, it is becoming more common to shop at smaller boutiques or locally owned businesses, opposed to larger chain stores.

Senior Brook Dillon said, “I just feel like it [the style] is going to be more ‘antiquish,’ kind of, instead of the big stores. Just because it’s more original.”

Pantone announced the color of the year as ‘Ultra Violet,’ a blue-based purple shade that has been popular in the past among music icons like Prince and David Bowie. Other purple shades are expected to be popular this year as well. Lavender has already dominated runways at fashion shows by brands like Michael Kors and Max Mara. This pastel color is a focal point for Spring 2018 lines. Alongside purple, bright, true-blue reds are also making a hit on runways.

“I think maroon in the velvet material will be really popular,” Dillon said.

It is often said that fashion is an art. Now, art is being pulled into fashion, influencing prints and designs for clothing. These artistic aspects add a new colorful pop to bring a more bold feel to outfits. The brand Versace debuted their Spring 2018 line at Milan Fashion Week, featuring pieces inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol. Images from comics, as well as past magazine covers, have also been transferred onto clothing, making art wearable.

“I like the art-infused patterns and stuff because I’m already a big fan of art, so I think incorporating art into clothing is really cool,” Lembright said.

Plaid-patterned fabric is making a comeback this year. Plaid was a popular pattern in the ‘90s and is making its return this year. It is used in skirts, blazers and even shoes. Plaid adds to solid items to give them more depth and design. It can be dressed up with a matching blazer and skirt, or dressed down with a casual flannel and T-shirt.

Sophomore Niamh Coughlin said, “I like plaid a lot right now, and I have for a while, and so I feel like I’m guessing that will probably be popular.”

For many people, wearing different clothes plays a role in how they show their interests and hobbies that they enjoy. While following trends, there are also personal touches completely unique to individuals.

Lembright said, “Honestly, clothes are probably one of the biggest ways that I express myself. Being able to wear what I want and show off my style is how I express my personality. It kinda makes my day when I have an outfit that I really like.”

Article and photo by staff member Kaiton Padget

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