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News: Freshmen start use of Career Cruising program at Rock Creek

During this fall, the freshmen were introduced to the Career Cruising program, which is designed to help students determine their career paths and the classes to prepare for that career.

In the program, the students take inventories and tests to figure out what careers would be best for their personal interests and skill sets.

“I kind of liked it,” freshman Kara Riffel said. “My first option was pretty crazy, but my other two choices were pretty spot on.”

The questions are broad, and the answers vary from ‘strongly dislike’ to ‘strongly like.’

“You log in, and you take the exam and answer questions, then based off of those questions, it gives you certain jobs that fit your answers,” freshman Tanner Schoop said.

While this program is a new way to help students find their career interests, counselor Kevin Sullivan has always worked with students to determine their futures and their classes, but he said this program is an additional tool to help him do that.

“I think they enjoyed the program,” Sullivan said. “There is more ownership for them, [and it helps] “to enlighten the parents, staff and students about the importance about career planning.”

The program has helped the students find more career options to explore.

The Career Cruising program was introduced as part of a state-mandate to help so that “each student will have an Individual Plan of Studies,” Sullivan said.

The program started with the freshman because, as Sullivan added, “we always introduce things to the freshmen initially, so that we’re on the same schedule.”

Freshmen were introduced to the program during physical education teacher Jim Johnston’s P.E. classes, and students took the assessments during their classes with Johnston. The program will be introduced in second semester in the advisor classes for other grade levels.

“I kind of already know what I want to do, but the program has introduced me to some new options,” freshman Grace Fike said. “I think it’s definitely opened up my field of possibilities and what I want to do in the future.”

Article and photo by Emily Ritchey, staff member

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