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News: First-year junior high drama class presents Winter Play

On Dec. 19, the new junior high Performing Arts class, taught by Keith Miller, performed “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens for free.

Knowing that he had great talent within his seventh and eighth graders, Miller chose two students for the leading role of Scrooge, seventh graders Brandon Cheever and Kylie Johnson.

“I’ve always loved acting,” Cheever said. “I did plays at St. George and always got a pretty big role, and I just love acting in general.”

This is the first year that Miller has taught junior high students, but said, “I have been pushing to get this class for years.”

Rock Creek’s assistant principal Michael Rottinghaus was instrumental with the creation of the Performing Arts class, and the students enrolled have enjoyed the class.

Eighth grader Alyssa Sherwood said, “It has been really fun!”

The students involved in the play had been practicing since the middle of November. With emotions ranging from nervous to relaxed, the class was excited to perform in front of an audience.

“I think it [the play] will be good,” eighth grader Abby Wick said. “It’s a really fun class.”

Excited to see his junior high students perform, Miller said working with seventh and eighth graders is “a hoot.”

“It’s a great play, it’s timeless, it has a good message for Christmas, it has a good life lesson in it and you can have fun with it,” Miller said. “Who wouldn’t want to be a ghost?!”

Article and photo by Katelynn Sherwood, staff member


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