Sports: Trapshooting team an addition to Rock Creek activities

The fastest-growing sport in the nation has found a new home at Rock Creek Junior/Senior High School. Trapshooting has made its way to Rock Creek, as a trapshooting team is starting to take shape.

Trapshooting is a sport that requires exact accuracy and quick reflexes to break a small, clay disc that is thrown into the air and shot by the shooter with a shotgun. Shooters stand in the 16-yard shooting station before asking the “puller” to “pull,” or throw a disc from the clay disc thrower. Each shooter will shoot 25 times at each of the five stations. An event staff then scores and posts results.

“The team was brought to my attention through [parent] Shawn Carlson, the site council and the high school administration,” superintendent Kevin Logan said.

There is a lot of interest in the building for this new sport. When asked about the number of students that are interested in this sport, Logan said that he “counted 72 high school students at the informational meeting,” which was Sept. 13 at Rock Creek.

Administrators said that they feel that this activity will be a good addition to the extracurriculars at the school and will involve many more students.

“I feel that there will be plenty of participants,” Koppes said. “If I have any worries, I worry that there are so many people that want to participate. It will be a challenge to manage, but that is a good problem to have.”

Training for this sport is very easy to access for some trap team members.

Senior team member Will Dulohery said he trains by “shooting clays in the backyard and going into Tuttle Creek and shooting there every once in awhile.”

The season is set to start the spring of this school year.

“I think the coaches have to have the numbers into the state by February, but the actual season starts in March,” Logan said.

Some students are already involved in this field and are ready to start the season and involve others.

“I’m looking forward to teaching kids how to be safe and teaching them the different techniques,” Dulohery said.

The process of signing up for this Rock Creek sport is very easy and opened to anyone, no matter the experience or gender.

“We will have a sign up in the cafeteria during lunch to continue getting names, and then refining those numbers as we get closer and closer to the spring season,” Koppes said.

Article by Karter Carlson, Yearbook Sports Section Editor

Logo courtesy of Kansas State High School Clay Target League

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