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Video games are an addicting hobby that millions of people have been attracted to. They come in different “shapes” and “sizes,” from simple puzzle games to large-scale simulation games. Every year, thousands of games are released to the masses, many cast to the graveyard of games. However, shining from behind the shroud of darkness comes hope! “The Legend of Zelda!”

Now, if you have not heard of the “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” you must have been sleeping under a rock for the last year. This game is… superb, to say the least. Even if you do not like any sort of video game, you would most likely agree with me when I say this game is beautiful. It was designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s newest gaming console, which gave it vast opportunities to do something wonderful, and did Nintendo sure capitalize on it! Everything that could have gone perfect went perfect and brought this game to crowds of people that did not even know what “The Legend of Zelda” was, making it one of the largest gaming milestones in history.

There are a lot of things that games do that attract players, but in my opinion, art style is the main draw. Some people are more inclined to enjoy darker, my realistic tones, while others enjoy a vibrant palette to play on. “Breath of The Wild” is a prime example of the latter option. The vibrant colors practically burst off the screen at you. One moment, you could be in a lush green forest, surrounded by beautiful bushes and shrubbery, and the next, you may be fighting purple lizards on the steps of a flaming volcano! The colors in this game are simply attractive, and honestly, I think a variety of games in the future will try to incorporate this popping palette.

Another idea incorporated into this game is one that has changed from old “Legend of Zelda” ways. In prior games, the hero wore a green cloak with a pointy green cap, sometimes donning a change of wardrobe for a short time, but always returning to the green attire iconic to the series. Same goes for the even more iconic Master Sword, the ultimate weapon in the series. However, “Breath of The Wild” introduces the idea of new collectible armor and weapons, all of which can be upgraded and even colored! Link can walk around in a giant suit of armor if he feels like it, or just walk around in his boxers. There is pretty much an outfit for everyone in this game, and by dyeing your clothes, you can make them even more your style. Weapon wise, you are no longer limited to just a regular little sword. Find a spear on the ground? Why not just pick it up! Find a giant boomerang lodged in a rock? Take that, too! There are so many things to find and use to on your adventure; it is kind of insane. For instance, I have put in around 400 hours on the game (that is a lot by the way), and I just recently found a new sword that can shoot wind. Now, I do not know about you, but something seems cooler about a sword shooting wind than a sword not shooting wind. Of course, you can still find the original green tunic and the master sword, and they are the strongest set of armor and sword in the game, but that requires a lot of work that many may not want to do.

Weapons also are not just weapons. They are used to solve puzzles all over the world, defeat larger enemies in different ways and distract enemies. Are there some vines in your way? Get out any wooden item, set it ablaze and watch the vines burn away! Find a large boss that is encased in metal armor? Just shoot some electricity into it and make him realize his flaw! Accidentally fall down a cliff into a base of enemies? Chuck a weapon one direction, catch their attention and run for your life before they even realize what happened! This I feel is an interesting aspect of the game, not very deeply explored by other games, and it is just another of the reasons I enjoy this game.

While there is a lot more I would like to talk about, I think the last important point to talk about are the game’s physics. Everything in the game has physics, and this is one huge game. This ranges from an apple, which can be blown off a tree several miles from the player due to some heavy wind, to an arrow shot from the players bow, which will waver in the air during wind and rain, making it not fly as far or as straight. Even you as the player have physics! If you get hit by a bomb, you will go flying. Now, you may be thinking that that sounds like nothing special, but most games would just take away some health and leave you standing there. This allows for some nifty tactics to take place, such as being able to throw a bomb at a group of enemies and detonating it, sending them off the side of a cliff to the chasms below.

Combining the use of weapons and physics, many opportunities are available to players. The casual gamer may feel more inclined to just use a sword and shield and chop up a group of enemies. However, someone seeking a more laid-back style may experiment with the use of bombs and different arrows, sending bodies flying or burning them from a distance with flame arrows. Either way you play, you are sure to have a blast.

So, whether you are looking for a vibrant, visually pleasing game with a laid-back game style, or a challenging assortment of tests and quests, I would recommend to you “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.” I wish you luck as you waste away the next weeks of your life

Article by Trevor Badura, Newspaper Photo Editor

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