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Opinions: Staffer delves into the world of Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is America’s pastime. It is what stimulates us during an already exciting football game. An enjoyable activity to do is look deeper into the statistics of the game, which is what I did. This article shows the top three athletes for each position using the amount of “fantasy points” they acquired. This is a list relating to the amount of points attained by the end of Week 6. (Be aware that some teams had their Bye Week by now, which may give some teams a disadvantage.)


The leading scorer for the quarterback position is the rookie Deshaun Watson. This Houston Texan is on a role after his slow beginning to the season. Utilizing his star receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, he has thrown for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns and scored 136.1 fantasy points. The runner-up quarterback is Kansas City’s Alex Smith. Returning from a rather rough season, Smith has shown his veteran abilities and thrown for 1,637 yards and 12 touchdowns, scoring 131.6 points. He has yet to throw an interception this season. In the third place is the future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. Having to make up for his lack in running ability, Brady has thrown for 1,959 yards and 13 touchdowns. This New England quarterback is consistently near the top of the list, no matter what the rest of his team looks like. These three – Deshaun Watson, Alex Smith and Tom Brady – are leading the league for quarterbacks.

Running Back:

At the top of the running backs list is the rookie sensation Kareem Hunt. This player has been explosive ever since he stepped onto the field by scoring six total touchdowns with 885 all-purpose yards. His 143.5 points just beast the second-place running back Todd Gurley. The Rams running back has been impressive this season, scoring seven total touchdowns and gaining 766 all-purpose yards and 137.5 points. The third-place running back, Leonard Fournette, is on the talented Jacksonville Jaguars team. Although he has recently been partially injured, he has still managed to get seven total touchdowns and 732 all-purpose yards for 130.2 points. These running backs have had a very strong start to the season.

Wide Receiver:

Towering over the rest of the field, the top wide receiver is Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although only catching two touchdowns, he has acquired 700 receiving yards for a total of 130.0 points. Second place is way back at 111.2 points, and it is DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans. Though he does not have as many yards, he has a whopping six touchdowns. Working with his rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson, the duo is a scoring machine. In third place is the long-time veteran Larry Fitzgerald. He has quietly scored 104.5 points and risen above the receivers of the rest of the league. He has received 465 yards and three touchdowns. These receivers are the top of the league.

Tight End:

Although tight ends seem to be the least valued fantasy position, they can still put up high amounts of points. Coming in at first is the Philadelphia Eagle Zach Ertz. Being a strong target for quarterback Carson Wentz, he has scored four touchdowns received 405 yards. This tight end has scored 96.5 points. Remaining in second place is the New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski. Consistently viewed as one of the best tight ends in the NFL, Gronkowski has scored four touchdowns and attained 401 yards. His compatibility with Tom Brady has scored him 90.1 points. In third is the Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce with 84.7 points. This player has 390 receiving yards and two touchdowns. These players are at the top of their list.


Kickers have one of the most stressful jobs in football because they are expected to be perfect. The leader of the kickers so far is the Los Angeles Ram Greg Zuerlein. He leads with 79 points after making 17/18 field goals and going perfect on extra points. Following Zuerlein is the Titan Ryan Succop. He has made 16/17 field goals, gone perfect on extra points and scored 70 points. In third, Robbie Gould from San Francisco attained 62 points with 15/16 field goals and missing one extra point. These are the top three kickers in the NFL so far.

Defense/Special Teams:

Many football strategists argue that defense is the most important part of the game. These three teams have focused on their defense and made it the strongest part of their team. The top of the list is the Jaguars. They have 23 sacks in six games and ten interceptions. This force of a defense has put up 85 points. Trailing behind them is the Detroit Lions, who put up 75 points. They have scored five defensive touchdowns, intercepted nine times and sacked the quarterback 13 times. Falling behind the Lions is the Baltimore Ravens, who put up 67 points. They have nine interceptions and 16 sacks. These defenses have surprised everyone with their intensity.

Article and photo by Zane Roberts, Newspaper Copy Editor

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