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Sports: Winter sports teams reach middle of season

Basketball and wrestling have finally started at Rock Creek, and January marks the middle of the season for both sports. The boys basketball team started off well with an 8-2 record, while the girls team started with a few tough games, but found two wins at the Burlington tournament. The wrestlers have also had a hard time at their first three tournaments, but the future may hold promise for the squad.

Boys basketball at Rock Creek has developed a reputation for winning in the past three to five years, but the team faced some adversity this season, having lost a big senior class from last year. Boys basketball coach Jim Johnston said that the team could have been undefeated this year if it were not for the team’s poor defense against St. Marys and Abilene. However, Johnston is optimistic for the team, as he saw the boys improve over winter break.

“We definitely got better over Christmas,” Johnston said. “That is the biggest thing.”

The girls basketball team has had a rough season so far, but the future is bright, as the team is young. Also, the girls have stayed positive throughout the season with good vocal leadership. However, the team has had trouble with its weakness of being out-sized.

“We’re an undersized team, but we’re not extremely quick either,” coach Adam Plummer said, ”and we compound that sometimes by having our feet stuck on defense and not playing as active as we need to be.”

There has been plenty of action with Rock Creek wrestling this season. The wrestling squad has been to three different tournaments and two duels. The wrestlers are gradually becoming more conditioned as the season goes on, but the team’s weakness of not “wrestling smart” is still apparent. The team looks to improve as much as they can until the end of the season.

Senior Tragan Sutton said, “We just need to keep pushing harder in practice and keep striving for greatness.”

As the season has progressed, it is noticeable that all three winter sports teams at Rock Creek have improved through hard work and discipline, but each team still has another half season to go.

Article by staff member Mac Hayes

Photo by staff member Abby Ruder

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