Features — 01 February 2017
Features: Three student teachers join Rock Creek staff

Three new student teachers have been added to the Rock Creek staff for the spring semester, two in junior high and one in high school.

Tyler Clubine – Social Science

History teachers Chris Schmitz’s and Michael Zabel’s student teacher, Tyler Clubine, has come from Kansas State University to help sophomores and juniors learn about his favorite subject, history. Clubine says has learned a wide variety of teaching techniques from both Schmitz and Zabel and thinks they have both given him great advice. And, if anything, he feels like he is a part of the Rock Creek family and looks forward to teaching his students.

“I love history,” Clubine said. “My favorite thing about history is there is nothing that you can’t learn or find out, because it’s already happened, so you can find the answers, and I love that. I just find it fascinating.”

Emily Queen – English

Junior high English teacher Andrew Trent’s new student teacher is none other than Emily Queen, an English and band student at KSU. Queen said she always thought she would be a band teacher, but realized she wanted to teach English after minoring in English at KSU. Her favorite thing about Rock Creek is the other teachers, as she appreciates how they communicate with one another.

“I already feel like a part of the community, and it’s been really great, and I love it here,” Queen said.

Mary Kilgore – English

Eighth grade English teacher Bridgette Rankin’s student teacher is Mary Kilgore, who studies English at KSU. Kilgore realized she had a passion for teaching when she coached a local swimming team at age 14. Ever since then, she has worked with kids in summer camps and has volunteered at schools. Kilgore says she feels like she fits in here because Rock Creek is roughly the same size of school she used to attend, and she feels like the students respect her.

“I love how friendly everyone is,” Kilgore said. “You really feel like you matter, and it’s a size (of school) where you feel like you play an important role.”

Article and photo by staff member Marshall Fike




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