Features — 01 February 2017
Features: Safety important during winter weather season

At Rock Creek, it is imperative that everyone has a good education, but it is also important that everyone stays safe in the process. Winter weather can be an obstacle for some and favorable for others.

Superintendent Kevin Logan is in charge of whether or not winter weather causes a cancellation or delay to the school day.

“It’s really subjective when you look at the safety of the students and staff,” Logan said.

It is not so much that all of the student drivers are affected by snow or ice, but it is inexperienced drivers. People who have driven for years could have never driven on snow or ice, making it potentially dangerous for them and surrounding drivers.

When snow or ice is on the ground, the best option for you is to stay home. If, however, for some reason you can not, here are some tips for driving on the snow and or ice. Accelerate and decelerate slowly, knowing your brakes and driving slowly. If possible, try to avoid stopping on a road as another driver could slide into you.

When it comes down to a final deciding factor for the cancellation or delay of school, Logan said, “You can’t measure it just in inches of snow.”

Other factors may play into this, such as ice or freezing temperatures. When school gets canceled or delayed, sometimes it is not until the morning of, and this can be frustrating for staff and students.

“If we can, and we know snow’s coming through, I’ll try and call it off the night before,” Logan said.

With snow and ice covering the ground, getting to school can be a challenge, and once there, parking can become an obstacle. Assistant principal Scott Harshbarger said area residents Gary Ebert and Tim Ebert remove snow or ice from the school parking lot, using their judgment of when it needs to be done. The school’s custodians, including Tim Rieck and Dave DeWitt, are responsible for the immediate sidewalk area out to the parking lot.

Harshbarger said, “Tim and Dave do a real good job with the sidewalks.”

With some of these obstacles cleared by the Ebert brothers and custodians, it can make the task of getting to the school building a little easier.

Article and photo by staff member Josh Feldkamp

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