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Opinions:  Staff member believes NBA trade affects entire league

Before the 2016-2017 National Basketball Association season started, former Most Valuable Player, Kevin Durant, had to make the most important decision of his career. Durant needed to choose what team he would sign with.

During the offseason, the decision was made. Durant decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were already arguably the best team in the NBA, going to the finals two years in a row. This decision shocked the entire NBA, causing many people to lose respect for Durant, since he left his former team. Although every player has a decision to play where they want, Durant’s decision to sign with the Warriors was weak. Even the commissioner of basketball stated that “superteams” were not healthy for the association.

The Thunder, Durant’s former team, made it to the conference finals last season. The Thunder almost beat the Warriors, starting the series 3-1, but losing it 3-4. The Thunder was easily a championship team, so abandoning his teammates was very harsh. Durant could have stayed with the Thunder, or at least sign with a less “stacked” team.

Many players and fans, including me, think that Durant’s decision unbalanced the NBA. To avoid situations like this, I think that the salary cap of NBA teams should be lowered. The salary cap determines how much money NBA teams are allowed to spend on their team’s roster. Recently, the salary cap has soared to $94 million, allowing Durant to fit in the Warriors roster. On top of that, the salary cap is projected to rise to $102 million by next summer, allowing more star players to be on one team.

The competitiveness of the NBA is falling apart. Players are making unfair decisions so they can win the championship. All Durant wanted was to win the championship, so he made a weak decision affecting the entire association. The salary cap needs to be lowered to avoid star players signing together, which causes an unbalance in the NBA.

Article by staff member Sam Gallagher

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