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Opinions:  Students should realize bonfires can be harmful

When in a situation with fire, especially during the cold winters or during the wildfire season, people must realize that fires, like bonfires, can help and hurt our environment at the same time.

Fire can be the most dangerous or the most helpful thing to use. When in life-threatening situations, thinking fast is key. Having a cold and harsh environment requires heat to keep things living. This is a great situation where fire becomes a man’s best friend. However, when looking on the flip side of this situation, there is an extreme need of cooling down. Forest fires have become common and can hurt the environment, but yet help with the ecosystem. When forest fires occur, it burns down all of the vegetation and restarts the ecosystem of this specific area. Not only is fire dangerous to us, it is harmful to our environment.

Even though it is fun, bonfires can produce pollutants and a range of poisonous compounds. “The things we don’t know don’t hurt us” is a phrase sometimes overlooked. The things we put in fires can be fun to do and watch, but is what we don’t know is that those things can cause very harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, dioxins and particles. There are very unknowingly effects of these harmful chemicals. Those chemicals can cause severe health problems. Having bonfires can be a very fun thing to do and help bond people, but keep in mind, what goes in must come out.

Overall, I think that having a bonfire is a great idea. The only problem is the people that put items into the fire that are illegal, harmful to the environment and to themselves. The people who do this need to realize the risks they take, and this would make having a bonfire more safe and fun.

Article by staff member Josh Feldkamp

Photo courtesy of Interstate Studios

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