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Opinions:  Staff member shares first rock concert experience

My brother and I were sitting in the car, waiting for the AC/DC concert on Feb. 28, 2016, which was my first “real” concert. When we got to Kansas City, my friends and their parents were hanging out in a restaurant near the Power and Light District, waiting to be let into the Sprint Center. While our parents ordered food, my friends, their siblings and I went out and explored downtown Kansas City. After doing this, we were finally let into the Sprint Center to be seated and wait for the concert to start.

The concert was very good with a lot of interesting features. The best songs that they played that night were “Hell’s Bells” and “For Those About To Rock.” When “Hell’s Bells” was played, a big bell dropped down from the ceiling and started swaying back and forth with sound effects of a real bell. Another interesting feature were the cannons that fired blank shots during the song “For Those About To Rock.”

From this event, the upsides to the concert were just the experience of it all, and if a person is into 80s music, he or she would really have enjoyed this concert. The best part for the me was that we got to see AC/DC before their lead singer, Brian Johnson, retired. The only negative part of the whole experience was that, if a person wants to hear for the next couple of days, he or she might think twice before going.

Overall, my first big concert was very good, and I would definitely go to another one. For my first concert, this was a great way to start going to more concerts in the future.

Article by staff member Karter Carlson

Photo courtesy of Interstate Studios

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