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Opinions:  Student savors family Thanksgiving as times change

The soft, sweet smells of fall, a 25-pound turkey in the roaster, potatoes on the stove top, pies freshly made in the oven and family arriving one by one. These are the sights, smells and sounds I hear the fourth Thursday of November every year.

I wish there was a way you could know when the good old days were before they were over. My family Thanksgiving is plagued with competition and interrogation. Every family seems to have these problems. The younger ones annoyed by the constant battering of “how is school? “Got a girlfriend?” “Keeping your grades up?” But, then, flashes a glimmer of hope, a connection that has grown through the years.

Being the youngest and an extrovert, the question is not if I do what my cousins tell me to, only a matter of what they make me do. Through the years, I have jumped off my grandma’s porch with a parachute on, flashed random strangers, and chugging pitchers of water all for the thrill of the dare. All those memories I have made me want to turn back the clock to those days, but now I realize I can only go forward in time.

With five cousins in college, one left in high school, it makes me realize pretty soon we will not get have those moments. No more gobbling down a heap of mashed potatoes and gravy in record time, no more trying to bottom out the van. No more hitting on random girls years ahead of me because that means I would be hitting on people out of college; gone are the shy and reserved high school girls. Gone like those opportunities we used to have to make all those lasting memories.

All this makes me realize I have got to cherish this Thanksgiving because it is going to be one of the last that is full of all of the memories of my youth.

Article by staff member Braden Schwarz

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