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Opinions:  National Honor Society needs more transparent process

The National Honor Society is a very prestigious organization to be involved with in high school. All selection processes are different, which is acceptable by the NHS rules, but the Rock Creek High School NHS does not follow the rules as closely as it should, in my opinion.

According to the online NHS handbook, the selection committee should base the guidelines on the four pillars: scholarship, service, leadership and character. The committee can interpret these four as they feel best. The selection process must also be publicized for all parents, teachers, students and administration to see, such as in the school handbook, as it says in the online NHS handbook. However, it is not published anywhere. Finally, the guidelines must be clear to all reading this process, but I think the guidelines are not clear, due to no one knowing exactly what they are.

Another issue is that, in the NHS handbook, it states that the selection process must be consistent and, seeing that there was six total returning members and 10 new inductees this year, it does not appear that the process is very consistent.

After the selection process is over, it is required that a packet is handed out to those who did not meet the standards. This packet should include the reasons the individual did not meet the standards and what he or she can work on. Due to the fact that I was not accepted this year, I know firsthand that there was no packet handed back to those who were not inducted.

Overall, the NHS selection process should be changed by publicizing more information and telling the students what they need to fix. In many ways, these issues cause students trouble by not knowing the guidelines, the consistency or the changes that need to be made in order to be accepted.

Article by staff member Spencer Dugan

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