News News Briefs — 01 November 2016
News:  New teacher fills open technology position

Interview with new technology teacher Patrick Bramhall

What classes do you teach?

Bramhall: “Computer Applications and web page classes.”

Why is Computer Applications a required class?

Bramhall: “Technology continues to grow, so it is important and sometimes necessary for students to be able to use it.”

Have you taught at other schools? If so, where?

Bramhall: “Yes, Atchison County Community High School.”

How long did you teach there?

Bramhall: “Two years.”

What caused you to come to Rock Creek?

Bramhall: “It is closer to family, and it was a good opportunity for me overall.”

Is Computer Apps the only subject that you are experienced in?

Bramhall: “No, I taught all of the business classes at Atchison High School as well.”

Is teaching the only career path you are going to pursue?

Bramhall: “As of right now, yes.”

Will you be involved in any after-school activities?

Bramhall: “Yes, I am one of the assistant baseball coaches.”

Interview by staff member Sam Gallagher

Photo courtesy of Interstate Studios


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