Opinions Reviews — 31 March 2016
Opinion: Staffer reviews new pizza joint in Aggieville

If there is something almost any person can enjoy, it has to be pizza. As of Feb. 19, area residents can now enjoy pizza at another place in Aggieville, Pie 5.

Walking into the building, anyone who has ever attended a Chipotle or Subway is greeted with a familiar layout. There is a large, simple menu on the wall before reaching the pizza-building station. The color scheme for the building was very welcoming and relaxed, as dark gray and maroon walls meshed well with the rustic Italian feel they were going for. The building stations were designed like a food truck and looked very unique. There was also an area next to a panel of windows, where people could eat and be exposed to natural lighting.

With a menu consisting of pre-made pizza options — such as barbecue chicken or cheese options — and a layout of the available ingredients to make a custom pizza, nobody can make a wrong decision. The service was incredible and quick with workers who were polite and asked questions about everyone’s day. They also have a stack of take home boxes set out on the counter for anyone who needed one.

I went for dinner with my friend, and we both ordered different types of pizza and split them. One was a pre-made pizza, called “High Five,” on thin crust, which was similar to a Meat Lover’s pizza, and I ordered a custom pizza with Alfredo sauce, chicken and peppers on pan crust. Sitting down and taking the first bite, I noted that the crust was thicker than the thin crust, but not overwhelming. It was the perfect consistency. Trying the thin crust pizza was just as good. It was thinner than most pizza chains, but it was not burnt or crisp. There were also multiple options for vegetables and meats and cheeses. Anything you could have wanted, they had it.

With good pizza at a great price, it was a very fun place to be. The line wait was a little long, but what is to be expected at 5 p.m. on a Friday? Overall, it was a nice experience with great food.

Article and photo by Natalie Lindsey, newspaper copy editor

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