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News: High school band marches at Disney World

With a lot of preparation, fundraising and practice, the Rock Creek band recently took a trip to Disney world in Orlando, Fla., during Spring Break.

The band members fundraised individually and together, starting years ahead of the trip.

“We started fundraising right as school got out through the summer baseball concessions in Westy [Westmoreland],” senior Justin Moser said. “We also worked many concessions stands, and we did magazine sales and cookie dough sales over the three years before the trip.”

After waiting all year, the band took off early on the morning of Monday, March 14. After driving 26 hours to get to Orlando, the band arrived on Tuesday, March 15 and immediately went to Disney World.

“I was not looking forward to the long lines in Disney, and boy, was I right thinking that,” freshmen Mia Leon said. “The experience was so fun I forgot about how long we had to wait.”

On Wednesday, March 16, the band attended a workshop at Disney World.

“In the workshop, we got to perform real Disney music with a professional director,” Moser said. “They recorded us playing our songs and recorded them onto a DVD for us. We played the healing song from Tangled, the opening tune in Star Wars, the ending melody from Frozen and one other tune. They took the Frozen tune we played and synced our recording up to the movie, which was really cool to see!”

Thursday, March 17 — the biggest day of all — was Rock Creek’s performance, where they marched in the Disney parade. The march was proudly led by Moser, as they played “Carry On, My Wayward Son” by the band Kansas.

“My favorite moment was directing the band in the parade,” Moser said. When I got to see the band right in front of the castle as I was walking backwards was really cool and hearing the band play so well to our largest audience ever was exciting!”

After the parade, they ended their last night at Disney World by watching the fireworks.

“My favorite part of the whole thing had to be the fireworks on the last night at Disney World,” Leon said.

On Rock Creek’s final day in Florida, Friday, March 18, the band went to Universal Studios for the day, then started for home.

This was the first and last Disney trip band teacher Nate Craft will have with Rock Creek, as he will be moving to Virginia after this school year, and it was also the last trip for the senior band members.

“Being a senior on this trip was fun, but it was a little sad because it was my last year playing with this amazing band program we have at Rock Creek,” Moser said. “But, I have enjoyed my time playing at Rock Creek and don’t regret it one bit. This isn’t my last band experience, though, as I plan on playing in the K-State [Kansas State University] marching band in college, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Craft has left a mark on the Rock Creek band in his years teaching here and will be dearly missed by the band.

“Mr. Craft has been a real inspiration to me and has exposed me to marching band,” Moser said. “He has always been supportive of me and the band. He’s done a fantastic job building up this band program during his three years here. He is the main reason why I want to pursue music and why I want to continue to play music in college, and I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me and the band.”

Article by Annabel Shriner, staff member

Photo courtesy of Nate Craft, band director

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