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Feature: ‘Promposals’ allow students to prepare for Prom

With deer season drawing to a close, a new season has begun at Rock Creek — Prom season. People are hunting for the perfect date, and an even more perfect way to ask. In the past couple of years, teens have started upping their game by asking in elaborate ways, labeling them ‘Promposals.’

Here at Rock Creek, Prom season is full swing with a “Gold, Glitz and Gatsby” themed Prom taking place on April 9, and many promposals have already happened. Senior Winter Henry asked senior Cody Vidana by spelling out the question with baseballs since Vidana plays baseball. Junior Cooper Schlochtermeier asked junior Rachel Forge with a poster, saying he “would take a shot” by asking her to Prom. Senior Justin Reiss asked junior Holly Forrester on Easter with a sign saying, “I would be really egg-cited to go to Prom with you” while also spelling Prom out on Easter eggs. Two of the most unique Promposals fall to seniors Kyle Riffel and Riley Mocabee, who asked seniors Cassidy Cheever and Julie Golden, respectively.

Riffel started out with reaching out to a good friend of his, senior Kitrina Miller, who assisted him in finding an unique way to ask Cheever via Pinterest. At a home basketball game on Feb. 25, during the halftime of the varsity boys game, Riffel rode out on a wagon pulled by two “horses,” which were really two people with fake horse heads on. Signs displaying ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ were hung around the horses’ necks. As they were pulling up to Cheever, Riffel said, “Cows eat alfalfa, horses eat hay, I am asking you to Prom today, yay or nay?” While it seemed perfect, it was not the first plan they had.

“Originally, no, we had planned on them crawling out hands and knees, but eventually, we thought man that is a long way, and we are just going to act like it is a Roman chariot,” Riffel said.

Cheever, who said ‘yes,’ was not expecting the public Promposal.

“I knew he was going to ask, but I did not know that that was coming,” Cheever said.

Mocabee took a different approach, deciding to ask Golden in a more private way.

“It was on top of the Hilton parking garage… so I brought a tablecloth and a lot of candles,” Mocabee said. “My mom helped; while I was picking up Julie, she spelled out ‘PROM’ in rose petals.”

Golden also said ‘yes,’ while also portraying how much she appreciated being asked in such a unique way.

“What Riley did topped everything I could have ever done,” Golden said.

Article by Haley Smith, staff business manager

Photo courtesy of Winter Henry

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