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Opinions: Winter Homecoming at Rock Creek much different than at Emporia

Dances are a popular event for students to attend in high school. They are a fun and safe atmosphere for students to go to celebrate achievements during the year. Some kids like them, and some hate them, but in my opinion, everyone should at least go to one sometime in high school.

I just moved here from Emporia, so I am still getting used to the way events are run here at Rock Creek. The difference between a 5A school such as Emporia and a 4A school like Rock Creek may not be totally different, but each school has its own style.

Back in Emporia where I used to live, the dances were a big deal to most students. Emporia High School’s highlighted sport was football, so their fall dance was the most attended. In the weeks leading up to our big dance, we had several activities, such as spirit week, fun races, pep rallies and many other festivities.The activities really boosted the school’s attitude toward the event, and many students enjoyed participating. I think the activities allowed students to be themselves and have fun.

Here at Rock Creek, I can see they do events quite a bit differently than my old school in Emporia. The hype is not as big, and activities are not well advertised. I feel like the kids are not as into the dances as they were at my former school. The student body seems to like the atmosphere, but just does not seem as enthusiastic like Emporia. I think Rock Creek would be great if they got the word out and involved the students more. I like that the student body here is smaller, but I feel that you have to be in a group of friends to know what is going on. Rock Creek is great school, but I just think its fun activities could be improved.

Overall, both schools are great, but each school has their strongest and weakest points. After seeing both, I would have to go with Emporia being the better school in the category of dances, but I have seen other areas in which Rock Creek comes out on top. I hope to see the school evolve over my high school career, and I look forward to participating in more and get used to the way activities are done.

Emporia and Rock Creek are two totally different schools, but I can compare the events that are similar, and I enjoy seeing how each school does something, which helps me get to know the environment.

Article by Logan Staab, staff member

Photo by Olivia Lee, yearbook photography editor

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