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Opinions: Removal of dual credit classes worries student

In the future, three classes may no longer be offered for concurrent credit through Highland Community College, including U.S. Government, American History and Anatomy. The change comes from an update in the Kansas Board of Regents requirements, regarding a minimum of 18 graduate hours for instructors. I believe that this change will be a detriment to dual credit education at Rock Creek.

The intent of the KBOR rule is that adding more graduate hours will improve the educating ability of the teachers, and with that, improve the education of the students. This is very reasonable, as the KBOR simply wants to improve education. This change could lead to better performance in schools.

However, I feel that this change will only waste the money of the teachers, who now have to spend more of their own money to attend graduate classes in order to teach these valuable classes to high school students. If the state or the college that is providing the concurrent credit, in our case Highland Community College, offered to pay for the extra hours, then we would be saving valuable classes at Rock Creek.

The dual credit classes are a necessity for students who may not be able to afford the high cost of college. For a fraction of the price, students receive an education in a much more one-on-one environment compared to college. Dual credit classes enable students to graduate from college early, which means students could start to pay off loans before too much interest occurs.

The change is understandable, but the repercussions of the change will significantly change the way that we handle education at Rock Creek. I believe that the state should focus more on budget issues than change the current system of concurrent credits.

Article by Joe Chalfant, staff member

Photo by Brynn Hammett, yearbook editor in chief

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