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Opinions: iPads should not have been purchased for all students

This year, Rock Creek High School decided to expand the personal iPads into the high school, along with continuing it in the junior high. However, I honestly think that iPads for everyone was a waste of money.

I was an eighth grader last year when Rock Creek originally purchased the iPads for every junior high student. I believe this was a very good idea, as there was only one core class in which I was not constantly using my iPad, and that was Algebra. The rest of my classes were mostly or completely done on my iPad. We would do almost all worksheets on the iPads that would normally be done on paper.

Now as a freshman, Rock Creek has introduced iPads for every high school student as well. This year, however, I hardly use my iPad. Classes that I actually use them in are journalism, which just some students take, and business, which is a single semester elective class. Also, many students I know, along with myself and many teachers, would rather do their school work with paper and pencil.

The iPads are used for only a handful of classes, and since few classes use them, the iPads can easily turn into an distraction with the ability of the games and Internet. Many teachers have banned games in their classes, and many students have had their non-educational apps locked to where they can not access them. Also, toward the end of last semester, several students many students were losing and breaking their iPads. All in all, I believe personal iPads for the high school was not the most beneficial purchase for the district.

Article and photo by Nate Williams, staff member

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