Features — 29 January 2016
Features: Seven student teachers join Rock Creek for second semester

Rock Creek High School has introduced staff and students to seven new student teachers this semester.

Joe Hubener – Social Science

History teachers Chris Schmitz’s and Mike Zabel’s student teacher, Joe Hubener, can agree that he loves Rock Creek and that the students and faculty have made him feel welcome. The students have been very good at treating him like they would Schmitz and Zabel.

“I am very comfortable here,” Hubener said. “The teachers are very good with student interaction. You can tell that they are here to actually help the students succeed in life.”

Cassandra Johnson – Science

The students teachers will leave Rock Creek in May of this spring, but will have other requirements to graduate, just as Cassandra Johnson, who is student teaching with science teacher Kellie Milner, will have to do.

“After this, I have to finish my portfolio, which is 150 pages, and then I have to present my research project for my master’s in critical reconstruction,” Johnson said.

Kendra Loy – Math

Junior high math teacher Desirae Reitz’s student teacher, Kendra Loy, has wanted to be a teacher for a long time. She said that enjoys teaching the students and hopes that she is making an impact in students’ lives. Loy has already taken action in the classroom, teaching seventh grade math.

“I have taught lessons for Math 7 and a few lessons for accelerated math, which is Math 7.5,” Loy said.

Lauren Montgomery – English

Although some of the student teachers have ideas on where they want to go after this, they are all open for any opportunity. English teachers Jessica Augustine-Stegman’s and Cherrie Lindsey’s student teacher, Lauren Montgomery, wants to stay in the area to teach at first.

“I have no idea where I want to teach yet,” Montgomery said. “I might not even stay in Kansas, but it would be nice to stay around Manhattan for a little while.”

Hannah Richmeier – English

Junior high English teacher Bridgette Rankin has a new student teacher, Hannah Richmeier. Richmeier decided to be a teacher when she was a little girl, as she used to play school with her stuffed animals, pretending she was the teacher and they were the students. She has always wanted to be a teacher, and now, she is taking steps to accomplish her dream.

“I choose to come to Rock Creek for my student teaching because [2015 graduate] Shannon Caffrey suggested it,” Richmeier said.

Ashley Tonn – Agriculture

Agriculture teacher David Holliday’s student teacher, Ashley Tonn, like the other student teachers, was placed here because of an assessment she had taken. The test she took had questions to learn each person’s strengths and weaknesses. After the test, the advisors at Kansas State University looked at the applications and decided where the students should go.

“What happened was we have to fill out these applications that explained what we are interested in, and we were placed based on our personalities, and that is how I got here,” Tonn said.

Elizabeth Vann – English

Junior high English teacher Andrew Trent’s student teacher, Elizabeth Vann, has been to Rock Creek before. Vann was a Block II student from Kansas State University for English teacher Cherrie Lindsey during the fall semester, and she liked the school, so she decided to come back for her student teaching.

“I love being here,” Vann said. “The atmosphere is great, and the teachers are wonderful.”

Article and photo by Amber Rayo, newspaper photography editor

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