Opinions — 16 December 2015
Opinions: Administration should bring back previous finals policy

As the last few weeks of the first semester wind down, all students begin to prepare for finals. Late nights, early mornings and a lack of sleep occur as students crack down on studying. Three years ago, however, if students had an ‘A’ in their classes, and the teachers allowed it, they could be exempt from certain final exams. Once the school decided to discontinue that rule, students were required to take a final in every class.

I can see where being exempt from a final if you had an ‘A’ in the class would be beneficial. If I had a low ‘A’ in a class, and there was a possibility that the final could bring the grade down, I would not even hesitate to not take it. It would also be nice to sleep in or even go home early to relax instead of worrying about studying and memorizing the information. Finals are right before the holidays, and being caught up in studying and making sure to know everything makes it hard for me to enjoy all the things the holidays have to offer. Without the pressure of a huge weighted test coming up and the effects it could have, I can use my time to spend with my family and celebrate the holidays. I think it is a good way to reward all of the kids who do try hard in school to get good grades.

While there are benefits to not taking finals, sometimes students want a final, and many teachers prefer there to be finals. If they have a low score in the class, taking a final, which is usually weighted, and getting a good grade can bring their overall grade up. Finals can also show the teacher that the students actually learned valuable information over the semester.

However, I think they should bring back the privilege of not having to take finals if one had an ‘A’. I find that, with how weighted finals are, I am always worried that not doing good is going to drop my grade immensely, no matter my grade in the class. Also, if I did not have to take a final at the end of the semester, I, as many other students, would be motivated to get good grades throughout the school year. I believe if the rule was reinstated, there may be better grades throughout the school as people try and work for that ‘A’. Once they got the grade they desired, a nice reward would be to not have to take a final.

Either way, whether taking finals or not, everyone should focus on finishing the last week of school strong. It can be very hard to keep up the motivation, but it will be beneficial in the long run.

Article by Haley Smith, staff business manager

Photo by Brynn Hammett, yearbook editor in chief

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