Opinions — 16 December 2015
Opinion: Shoppers should be more cautious during Black Friday, Cyber Monday

“Shop ‘till you drop” is the main purpose behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this saying is starting to be taken too literally. In this year alone, on Black Friday, there were seven deaths and 98 injuries, according to http://blackfridaydeathcount.com/.

Black Friday officially took place on Nov. 27, but actually started on the day of Thanksgiving. Black Friday where stores discount items to draw in shoppers, and it considered the day that kicks off the Christmas shopping season. I feel like Black Friday has been taken too far, though. People should not be dying, when it is a day after being thankful for what they have. This day also takes away time that could be spent with one’s family. People are out shopping while leaving their families at home alone.

Black Friday is also a good event. It gives families that do not have a lot of extra money a chance to buy presents and a chance to buy expensive products on sale. Not only do families benefit from Black Friday, but businesses do too, which is why they call it Black Friday.

Cyber Monday, which is basically Black Friday online, happened on Nov. 30. Cyber Monday allows people to shop from the comfort of their home or office.This day allows them to get good deals on items that would have otherwise been expensive. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday helps businesses have an increase in sales and profit.

One aspect I see wrong with Cyber Monday is that if people are supposed to be working, but decided they wanted to shop, they are being distracted from their job. Also, if someone ordered something online, one would have to wait for the item, and sometimes people do not know what they are going to get.

Between the two, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I like Cyber Monday better because how convenient it is to shop from the comfort of one’s home. Also, with Cyber Monday, people do not have to go out and hope that they do not get killed, considering the commotion of Black Friday.

I feel like people should not be splurging, fighting and dying, when it is supposed to be a time to be thankful and happy. People do not realize that just because they got what they wanted, other people should not have to die. It is only shopping, and it needs to be taken down a level.

 Article and photo by Jayden Weers, yearbook copy editor

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