Opinions — 16 December 2015
Opinion: Fall Play entertained staff member

On Nov. 20 and 21, Rock Creek hosted the fall play, called “The Clumsy Custard Horror Show.”

Acting in the lead roles were senior Kitrina Miller was “Princess Prince,” juniors Eli Miller as “Lord Dacron” and Blake Ruder as “Swashbuck Valpariso,” joined by sophomore Kent Robb as “Warphal.”

This year’s play was about Princess Prince, who is now of age to marry and needs to pick a husband. Two men, Dacron and Swashbuck, look to sweep the princess off her feet and marry her. In the end, Swashbuck and Princess Prince end up together and go off to live a happy life.

The play was hilarious, to say the least, as laughter filled the room, especially when Ruder slid across the stage to music. Also causing lots of laughs was Robb with his “out of the blue” remarks at surprising times.

This year’s cast really interacted with the crowd, too. For example, there were two seats reserved for Swashbuck and Warphal. This made it seem like the audience was actually in the play and made it very interesting. Again, a little while after, Warphal had to come up with money to save Swashbuck’s powers, so he ran crazily around the room, asking crowd members for anything they had, which I thought was very funny.

This year’s cast was full of fun and energetic students, which we would not expect from some of them if you saw them in school. I am glad I went to the play and experienced one of the best plays I have been to. After this year, I will definitely try to make it to more of Rock Creek’s plays in years to come.

Director Keith Miller told the students the day of the play that this was one that you would not want to miss, and I think that he was exactly right.

Article by Caleb Rogge, staff marketing manager

Photo by Jessica Augustine-Stegman, adviser

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