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News: Pep band moves locations for basketball season

What is a high school basketball game without the pep band to keep the audience and players pumped? Although Rock Creek has a pep band, the band had to change locations in the gym this year.

The pep band has always played in the top corner of the home bleachers, but due to complaints, they have moved to the opposite side of the gym on the visitor’s bleachers.

“In the past years, we played in the very top corner of the bleachers, above the boys locker room, and it was always so hot and crowded,” band director Nate Craft said. “We got complaints from the coaches not being able to hear and basketball players not being able to hear, so

Mr. [Eric] Koppes and Mr. [Scott] Harshbarger had the idea to move the band to the visitor’s side.”

To the band, there was definitely a lot more cons then pros in the old pep band area.

According to sophomore Caitlin Hollingshead, “Many students disliked this previous location for the pep band because it was cramped, hot and hard to hear and see the game.”

Even though they are farther from the home crowd, the change seems to be for the better, according to Rock Creek band members.

“I like the new placement,” freshmen French horn player Mia Leon said. “It’s spacious and easier to get in and out of the gym.”

The band has played modern songs like “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. and “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and has received many compliments on how the band sounds and looks from the new location.

“I love where were seated,” Leon said. “We have a perfect view of the game, and we’re able to all fit comfortably while playing and have fun doing so.”

Article by Annabel Shriner, staff member

Photo by Natalie Lindsey, newspaper copy editor

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