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News: 2015 yearbook receives All-Kansas Award

The Rock Creek journalism staff was awarded the All-Kansas Award from the Kansas Scholastic Press Association for their work on last year’s Mustang yearbook, which had the theme “Count Us In.”

Each year, Rock Creek fills out an application and sends the yearbook to be judged, which is done out of state. It is judged on five different categories, including concept, coverage, design, photography and reporting, then it is given an overall rating, of which All-Kansas is the best. For the 2015 book, the judge rated the book All-Kansas for each of the five categories, leading it to be an All-Kansas book overall and earning the Rock Creek staff a plaque, which will be presented later this spring at the KSPA state contests.

“I’m really proud of last year’s staff because they worked hard to get the award, knowing they haven’t got the All-Kansas Award since the 2012 book, just the Award of Commendation in 2013 and 2014,” yearbook adviser Jessica Augustine-Stegman said.

The students on the staff were also proud to receive the award.

“I really enjoyed designing it because it was a challenge, but it was something I enjoyed doing,” junior Brynn Hammett, who was the design editor last year, said.

The staff members thought that they really improved the 2015 book from previous years, and they were satisfied with the results.

“I think we tried to focus a lot on what we did wrong last year, as far as the critique, and tried to improve those specific things,” Hammett said.

Many staff members commented on the design of the yearbook and how well it was used.

“The design wasn’t too much, and it grabbed your attention,” senior Justin Reiss, who was the newspaper copy editor, said.

Going into this year, the staff members know they want to try to earn the award again for the 2016 book.

“I hope to get the award this year by not repeating anything and making the good stuff better, but tweaking it to make it ours and new,” junior Olivia Lee, who was the yearbook photography editor last year, said.

This class allows students to share thoughts and work together to create the yearbook and produce the final product.

“It’s nice to collaborate ideas, but sometimes, others don’t like my ideas,” Reiss said.

The teacher acts as the coach to help the kids become great journalists.

“I try to train them with the basic skills so they can achieve awards like this,” Augustine-Stegman said.

Article by Logan Staab, staff member

Photo by Jessica Augustine-Stegman, adviser

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