Features — 16 December 2015
Features: Students should follow tips for taking finals

Surrounded by textbooks and on the third cup of coffee, students endure the stereotypical middle-of-the-night cram session for finals. Although this technique is not usually recommended by teachers, students still partake in the cram sessions, thinking that it is the only way to retain information.

“I usually study two nights before, I try to space it out,” senior Alyssa Brown said. “I also eat a lot of food and cry while I study.”

While watching seven seasons of The Office on Netflix, or checking out the newest tweets on Twitter my be a given on not what to do when studying, www.testtakingtips.com points out other choices not to make. Studying around the time one normally goes to sleep is not a good idea, because it would be easier to fall asleep. One should not try to just memorize the material word by word and not worry about all the little details at the beginning of a study session. Electronics should be put away to ensure that one is solely focused on studying for their upcoming finals. Studying with others, however, is a good way to ensure that none of these choices occur and may help students retain information. Students should be sure that everyone in the study group is focused on studying, and is not just there to socialize.

“I just have people ask me questions,” junior Ethan Spence said. “It helps me remember information easier.”

The web site www.testtakingtips.com also sugests activities to do while studying, like playing soft classical or jazz music in the background and taking short breaks throughout the study session. It is also suggests to ask teachers for practice test and to take notes while studying. Studying more than the night before is important during finals week also.

“I would take time to review the material each night during finals week,” principal Eric Koppes said. “How long to study each night would depend on the class, but studying every night will help.”

 Article by Kitrina Miller, newspaper editor in chief

Photo by Annabel Shriner, staff member

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