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Sports: Senior signs with Bethel College for cheerleading

On Nov. 16, senior Cassidy Cheever made a decision that would allow her to continue her cheerleading career, as she signed a letter of intent with Bethel College in Newton, Kan.

“To be able to continue to cheer in college makes me feel accomplished,” Cheever said, “like all the practices and work that went into these last four years was all worth it.”

Cheever is a base, a cheerleader on the bottom of a stunt, for Rock Creek, but will change positions and become a flyer, a cheerleader on the top of a stunt, for Bethel.

“My biggest concern is going to be competing at that level,” Cheever said. “I need to work harder than I ever have for anything to be successful in it.”

Last year, 2015 graduates Kayla Boltz and Alexis Wilson also signed to Bethel, but for softball.

“To know people at Bethel makes me feel like the Rock Creek family is going to be with me in a way,” Cheever said. “I feel more comfortable transitioning into college.”

Yet, it has not been smooth sailing for Cheever. Cheever has a hip condition called CAM impingement, when the head of the femur is not round, which causes the head of the femur not to move smoothly in the joint, along with a labral tear, an injury to the tissue that surrounds the hip joint called the labrum. She said that her condition will not affect her cheering at Bethel, as long as she limits herself and follows the doctor’s orders.

“My hip condition has currently been controlled due to weight loss, specialized exercise plans and a cortisone shot,” Cheever said. “If it continues to stay under control, it will not affect me. However, if I do not continue to limit myself and follow doctor’s orders, it could take a full year to fully recover and be able to cheer.”

Cheever’s mom, Kelly Cheever, will miss having her daughter at home, but feels she has made the right decision with attending Bethel.

“I feel Cassidy made the best choice with Bethel,” Kelly Cheever said. “They are a school that will allow her to get on the competitive level she needs and wants to be and will get the best nursing education.”

Along with Kelly Cheever, Cassidy Cheever’s fellow cheerleaders were beyond excited that she signed.

“I feel happy for her, and I am excited that she gets to continue her career in cheer,” senior Amber Nowakowski said.

Another teammate of Cassidy Cheever is senior Casey Helget, who is co-captain alongside Cassidy Cheever.

“I’ve cheered with Casie [Cassidy] since eighth grade, and I know how hard working and determined she is,” Helget said. “She puts her whole heart into cheering, and it’s amazing to see how much she can accomplish. Casie [Cassidy] will excel in whatever she does, and she will be a great addition to Bethel’s squad. I can’t wait to watch her grow into the amazing person that she is and will continue to be.”

Article and photo by Jayden Weers, yearbook copy editor

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