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School sports and traveling sports are two very different concepts in many ways. Which one is better for an athlete? With many kids playing both or specializing in one, there are many arguments that are made.

In the winter, junior Holly Forrester participates in track at indoor meets against participants from all over the state.

“With my track club, I do long jump, triple jump, 200-meter dash and the 60-meter dash,” Forrester said.

With kids from all over Kansas competing at the same level as Forrester, events are not as easy as high school.

“I really like winter track because the girls I compete against are at the same level as me, which makes the competition harder,” Forrester said.

Other students at Rock Creek participate in summer baseball, like sophomore Carson Zenger.

“I play summer baseball for the Midwest Stix out of Manhattan,” Zenger said.

Zenger’s summer team really embraced traveling this past year, going to Steamboat Springs, Colo.

“I did not get to play because I was hurt, but I think there is a lot more competition when I play traveling sports,” Zenger said.

Lastly, senior Bailey Vetter plays for an elite AAU basketball team with players from all over the state.

“My team has a couple of kids from Holcomb, one from Concordia and then some from bigger schools in Kansas,” Vetter said.

With age, traveling is very important so an athlete has the opportunity to play against the best players and have multiple coaches to watch him or her play.

“We played in Duncanville, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, but I like school sports because of the amount of fans that come to the games,” Vetter said.

 Article by Caleb Rogge, staff marketing manager

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