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News: Clubs sponsor SAFE program to promote safe driving

A group at Rock Creek has recently started something new, the SAFE program, which means that “Seatbelts Are For Everyone.”

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club, along with its sponsor Shelley Kemper and some Student Council members, are sponsoring the program in an effort to teach students about driving and seatbelt safety.

“This program has just started at Rock Creek this year, and we hope to continue it in the future,” Kemper said.

The main goal in the SAFE program is to keep students safe while driving. Already this fall, the group has done a seatbelt count in the front driveway of Rock Creek, in which they counted every car that went by and checked to see how many drivers were distracted while driving or were unbuckled. They plan to do this again in the spring.

“Not many students already don’t wear their seatbelts, so I was pretty proud of that,” Kemper said

FBLA also recently had an assembly about the SAFE program to discuss the program and to promote seatbelt safety. One way to do that is through the “safe drivers pledge,” in which students sign a pledge to drive safely and are entered into a monthly drawing for prizes.

Both the faculty and the students seem to think the program is a good idea.

“This is a good program,” sophomore Liz Taylor said. “I think it is great because it can dramatically improve our safety, because we all know teenagers don’t always drive the safest. I’ve already caught myself telling a few people to make sure they buckle up.”

When asking another student what she thought about the safe program, freshmen Mia Leon said, “It’s good to teach kids how to be safe while driving. A lot of teenagers die or get seriously injured from when they’re driving due to lack of safety, and I feel that this program will help teach kids that safety is important.”

Article by Annabel Shriner, staff member

Logo courtesy of Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office

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