News News Briefs — 06 November 2015
News: FFA sponsor discusses national convention trip

Interview with FFA sponsor David Holliday about the FFA national convention

Are you glad to be back in school? Or would you prefer to be back at the national convention?

“I would rather be in Louisville, Kentucky, but I had to come back to school to work, and the students had to return to class.”

How long was the national convention?

“It lasted about a week.”

How long were you there for?

“[We] got there [Louisville] on Wednesday [Oct. 28], left on Friday [Oct. 30] and then drove home on Saturday [Oct. 31].”

Who went on the trip?

“[Senior] Justin Dunafon, [senior] Brett Schwarz, [senior] Macie Frakes, [senior] Kyle Riffel, [junior] Dawson Stanley, [junior] Grace Wilcox, [freshman] Cameron Minihan, [junior] Tragan Sutton, [junior] Craig Garrett, [parent] Rebecca Frakes, and [my son] Cody Holliday.”

What attractions did you see, if any?

“[We saw the] St. Louis arch, Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger Factory, City Museum in St. Louis.”

What or who was the main attraction or presentation at the convention?

“Dr. Rick Rigsby, Amberley Snyder, Brad Monique.”

What other attractions/presentations were shown at the convention?

“Two retiring officers.”

Did anybody from Rock Creek compete in any events?

“Nobody competed this year.”

What are your hopes for the upcoming year of FFA?

“I hope to have a very successful year. We are much larger, have a good senior class and hope to place in the top half of the district and top third in state.”

 Interview by Brandon Mallon, staff member

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