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News: Rock Creek integrates one-to-one iPads

“All right, students, it’s time for class take out your iPads… not your textbooks.”

With iPads being given to each student at Rock Creek this year, most teachers are saying goodbye to textbooks and hello to iPads.

At the beginning of the year, every Rock Creek student from seventh graders to seniors was assigned an iPad, which is a switch from the past two years, when only junior high students had iPads. But, this cost a significant amount of money.

“Each iPad cost $300, but they came in package deals,” principal Eric Koppes said.

One teacher, science teacher Jeri Brummett, has adapted to this new technology very well and uses the iPads quite often in her classes.

“I have used the iPads a dozen times in class, and students probably use them every other day,” Brummett said.

However, some teachers still use textbooks and have not included the new technology much in their classes.

“In time, teachers will begin to adjust, but right now, they are still getting use to this,” Koppes said.

Another big question that came up with the iPads was if students would just use them for games and not just class time.

“I like them because I can get my work done on it — mostly math — and I usually only play games on my free time,” sophomore Carson Zenger said.

Even though most kids, like Zenger, get a lot of their work done, he has still gotten his iPad restricted from overuse. Being restricted means that the teachers can use a code to block a certain app or the installation of any app for a certain amount of time.

“I think that the iPads were a good purchase because now I can do most things on my iPad and not carry textbooks,” Zenger said.

Article by Caleb Rogge, staff marketing manager

Photo by Olivia Lee, yearbook photo editor

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